Libellis Premium Gin 0,7l
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Premium Gin LIBELLIS 41% Wrecking: 700 ml It's an unique alloy of the premium-rating gin and fresh fruits's flavour, which is more than just an alcohol. The high quality of the ingredients make the drink a necessary supplementary of the exclusive parties and meetings. The speciality of the drink is not just in its taste, vut in its look, it'S unrivaled; in poise it suggests transparent liquid, but after some light shaker movement the drink has gorgeous red colour. DENOMINATION Brand: LIBELLIS Premium Gin Official name: GIN 41% vol. Description: GIN 41% vol. Format – Wrecking and packing: transparent glassbottle, 700 ml Specfialities and vantages to other product: By shaking the drink has red, iridescent, rainbow shot, nacre- shining, metallic shine. SYNTHESIS Ingridents Communicational denomination Molasses Alcohol Juniper-fraction Water Lifeelixir Botanicals A bunch of exotic Strawberry aroma Strawberry resume Coloring E-172 Micronized red fruit Sugar Sugarfloss

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