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V Energy Drink returns to our online drinks portfolio – back by popular demand from our home delivery and office delivery customers! V Invigoration Ultimate Guarana Energy Drink is a carbonated Guarana drink with 5 essential vitamins. V Energy Drink invigorates you, replenishes Energy Levels, improves mental alertness and enhances concentration. Natural Guarana, extracted from the rich red berries of the Brazilian Guarana plant, has been used beneficially by generations of Amazonian Indians. The story of V started centuries ago (many moons before it was stocked by Aqua Amore), deep in the Amazon with the original overachievers – the Amazonian Indians. In a single generation, they went from hunting with spears to building a sophisticated civilisation. What was their secret? The answer lies in a small but potent berry. The guarana berry. Amazonian Indians discovered that by sucking on guarana berries, it gave them the energy to create the extraordinary.

Ad ref: 3279 | Posted: 04 Apr 2022 10:10pm

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